Asking for Advice: Skype Scandal

by misscompetitive

So, I am not sure what to do about this.
Boy, nicknamed Wolf. Slept with him once. Pretty casual, but we have more fun together than the really casual things. Sounds great right? WRONG.

I am sorry, I shouldnt take this out on you. Basically, I, ultra casually, asked him to Skype one evening, and the conversation went like this (I am risking him finding this completely copy and pasted conversation because, well, I love you.):

Beautiful Girl who happens to be me: heya skype this week?

August 2
Wolf: hey, you free saturday?

August 2
Beautiful Girl who happens to be me: yessssssss, but only after 6pm my time, which is like 11pm for you. is that past your bedtime?

Wolf: it is a little, i have to be up at 4.30 tomorrow. are you free next week?

Beautiful Girl who happens to be me: 430, that’s rough. Next week works better actually cuz ima be babysitting my three yr old all day. Gimme a shout when you want me

16 hours ago
Wolf: free tonight or tomorrow night?

14 hours ago
Beautiful Girl who happens to be me:  i will be home/on skype 12pm-4:30pm today (which is 5pm-9:30pm i think for you) sooo CATCH ME IF YOU CAN

You Honest Abes out there let me know if I sounded too needy, but I did not feel needy at all. That is until 4:30pm (like 9:30 for him) rolled around and he was nowhere to be seen.

The first problem will be difficult for any of you to solve, and I am not just saying that to sound complicated and misunderstood. The first problem is that I felt a lot more hurt by his absence then I thought I would be. In my mind, he is not that great, he is just really really really good-looking, and took care of me when I was crying once. So not only did I not care for him much when I made this fatal Skype request, but him not being on is not necessarily a rejection. These were vague plans at all. If for some reason he was preoccupied, I do not think he had an obligation to tell me. So what is so messed up in my internal workings that computed this situation and  came up with: I, thusly, will be depressed for the remainder of today.

The second problem, I expect real advice on. What do I do know? Do I just not say anything further and leave the ball in his court? Do I ask him what happened today? Do I message him again asking is he is free another day? To complicate matters, me and him are friends, so our relationship never was only romantic. If it was some guy that picked me up in a bar I would have no doubt about leaving the ball in his court, but me and him started out as chill friends, and in terms of being chill friends, missing out on a Skype sesh is totally fine.

It is a minor problem, but it is a common problem for me and other Beautiful girls who happen not to be me. I say, together, we figure out a solution once and for all, FOR WOMEN EVERYWHERE! Let’s find the cure for the Common Cold of Relationships.

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