Back to Basics: What Every Woman Should Have in Every Bag

by misscompetitive

Hey listen up, this is quite a good idea so I need you to take me seriously right now. This post is geared towards women, because I am a woman and not because I do not care about my male fans (in fact I’m only on here for the fame, the fortune, and the boys.)

Having a lot of handbags is confusing. You forget where you left what and when your man yells for you to hurry up because you’ll be late, you end up scurrying around grabbing whatever you see as if the house is on fire. Fast forward two hours when someone asks for your business card and you realize you can only offer him four-year old lip gloss and a tampon. To help prevent these minor irritations it helps to pre-pack ALL of your handbags with multiples of some very basic accessories.

Here is a list of things that every woman should pack into every handbag she has:

1) 20$ – You never know.
2) Mints/gum – They, like, NEVER expire.
3) A couple of business cards.
4) A pen.
5) A metro card with at least two rides on it. (Or whatever the equivalent is in your country.)
6) A condom, if sexually active. And if not, a rubics cube maybe? I don’t know how you guys get your freak on.
7) Small compatible hairbrush.

That is the Master List of seven items that do not take up loads of rooms, but there are also other good options that you might consider, if they fit your lifestyle.

- Lip gloss (But never powder or the like, nothing ages a lady like the sight of her applying powder.)
- Notepad
- Tissues
- Perfume
- Hand sanitizer.
- Pepper spray if you live in the ghetto.
- Hair tie.
- Compass? Maybe?

If you guys have any more ideas, let me know and I will definitely update the post with your suggestions, and give you guys credit.

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