I Am a Real-Life Normal Person and I lost 5 Pounds in One Month: Part 1 – Goals

by misscompetitive

Disclaimer: I am not accepting any money from any of the listed companies, (less because I am moral, but more that they are not offering anything,) so you can trust that my evaluations are unbiased.

First of all, what am I like?
I am jut like you, maybe even worse. My category is Emotional Eater, if you count being awake as an emotion. There is a desire for food that I possess that is distinct from hunger. In fact, I am such an over-achiever when it comes to feeding myself, that I do not remember the last time I was genuinely hungry. When the first thing you do when you wake up is mentally prepare what you are going to eat that day, you will always have a sandwich prepared. The only time I do not think about food is when I am with or around boys, which is obviously super mentally healthy.
By some miracle, my BMI is within the healthy range for my height and age. By other metrics, I range from slightly overweight by K-mart’s model standards (winter) to adorably chubby (summer). There are some days that I feel good about my body, but no days where I like the way it looks in photographs. Most importantly, I have a feeling I am not getting all the nutrients I need from grilled cheese sandwiches and chocolate bars. I like excercise, but can never keep it at it continuously. My enthusiasm for any diet falls after two weeks.
So see, I am just like you, maybe even worse. And I am telling you, there is hope for us.
The proof is in the pudding I no longer want to eat, and the pounds I no longer have. I have lost 5 pounds this month, but have been slowly but surely losing weight for the past 4 months, all through exams and birthdays,and July 4ths. Now I have broke my usual loop, and am safely in the Kinda-Thin/ Pretty-Healthy-Looking category, and you can too!

Okay, listen closely, and do not fuck this part up. Fact: Anyone who has desire to lose weight has some more basic underlining problem. No exceptions, not even in your case. It is never just the weight that is standing in the middle of you and happiness. Wanting to lose weight, or change any part of your appearance for that matter, means always means that there is a deeper story to be told: maybe one of rejection, or bullying, or social problems, or a sense of shame. The underlying problem is what you really want to vanish. I have faced a lot of rejection from boys in my past, and I do not want to anymore. I think my weight has something to do with the rejection. If a magician told me that I do not have to lose any weight and still have my pick of men, COOL I’LL TAKE THAT PLEASE. My problem is loneliness, losing weight is what I think will fix that.
Take a moment to figure out what it is you really want to change in your life. More boys? More attention from the boy you already have? Still bothered by the bullying you faced in 6th grade? Wanting a sense of self-control? An edge in your career? Once you got it, know this, losing weight will NOT fix your problem. The crazy does not reside in the extra 20 pounds around your waist; the crazy resides in all of you.
I know I framed this post in terms of me losing weight, but that is only to capture the audience that can benefit from my experience the most. Weight loss happened, but just like extra pounds are a symptom of a bigger issue, losing weight weight was just a symptom of my attained happiness. Our goal is not to make you thinner, our goal is to make you happier. It worked for me and it will work for you. And in the end you will be happier about your weight.

Part of what everybody needs to be happier is a healthier relationship with food. The next post will be about how I improved my relationship with food. In preperation, I would love to hear about your guys’ relationship with food.